Facilitate on water participation of classic boats.

In general classic boat owners are conservative and tend  to stick to the events arranged by their club. In SEQ the notable exception is the QCYC Vintage Yacht Regatta which draws interest from several different clubs. The exception does however prove the rule. As a group we are often unaware of activities outside our usual comfort zone. By consolidating event information and actively providing this information via email newsletter TBQ hopes to facilitate the growth of both social and race fleets.  To receive news and short reminders about  and details of up-coming events register here

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Provide information of general interest to a wide diversity of boat enthusiasts.

There are currently websites that cater for wooden boats, classic yachts, classic motor vessels, and early development dinghy classes. Some of these sites have discussion forums; many have links to related sites. This site is not intended to replace these longstanding focused ones, but I do hope it will provide an opportunity for enthusiasts to find, and contribute ideas and information across the interest groups.Those of you who love cruising or racing or displaying a traditional vessel, be it a 1940′s timber yacht, a 1960 timber ski boat, a long keel steel version of an Alan Payne ocean travelling ketch or a 1960s Wharram “Tane” catamaran, will have many experiences and passions in common.

Provide an independent site for discussion within the interest group;

I had commenced this site as an interactive blog but sadly security difficulties have made me review that format. I will happily respond to any and all suggestions and if appropriate mount submitted information or quires as they arise. I have, on several occasions, passed  enquires onto those better able to assist. At all times  I take  a very conservative and careful approach to the privacy of anyone  who uses the site.

A broad understanding of a classic.

Traditional boats are often defined as vessels designed before 1970. I will include so called “spirit of tradition” boats.  These are instantly recognisable. For example, a long keel timber vessel with a bowsprit and cutter rig is obviously traditional  even if the design is recent. As  far  as TBQ is concerned the acid  test is does that yacht look at home in a classic fleet.

I would love you to share your passion. Please profile your boat and provide photos to display on the site.

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Cheers and Safe Passage,

Greg Doolan


The website manager:

My name is Greg Doolan I have been sailing since age 7. I have  owned many styles and types of vessels whose purpose have varied from outright racing to comfortable cruising. Over the years I have had 4 traditional yachts. A  Swanson 32 designed in the late 1960s ,a classic timber dragon class yacht, a ranger 33 also designed in the 60s,, a timber motor sailor launched in1966 and based on a 1928 Alden design and my current vessel a modern classic reproduction of a 1900s Moreton Bay Mullet boat. While I am a sailor to my core I have of necessity modified my vessels to suit my changing physical capacity. I can see a time when I may move to a motor vessel and I expect that would be another traditional craft.

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