Classic Classes

Amity Class

The Amity Classic is a  trailer-able gaff rig yacht designed on classic lines. This locally designed boat takes as her inspiration the New Zealand Mullett boats that date from the 1880s.

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Jubilee Class

In 1935, was the Jubilee year of the reign of the late King George Vthe “first yachtsman of the Empire,”. In that year the Jubilee design was commissioned.

The key design elements that were specified in the commission were:

  1. Boat must be powerful and stable design, so as to be able to safely withstand big seas and strong winds.
  2. The boat must be of handy size, so as to facilitate easy slipping and launching, and beaching if necessary.
  3. The design was to be strictly one design.

The measurements therefore decided on were:

  • Length overall       18 ft
  • Length waterline  16 ft
  • Draft (board up)    1 ft 4 in

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