CYAA “The One Mile” Pursuit 2015 & Amity Cup

Saturday 1st August 2015

The Amity Cup

A great day for the small fleet in light air. Congratulations to our winner  Skirmish  and  to the team from Laurabada who took out our trivia contest.

Thanks to Greg and Euan for the day
video from greg’s iphone

all the stills  thanks to Dave Surmon ( first mate Wraith of Odin) captured  from his power boat.


 Yacht  tbq phrf  course  start time
RTFM  0.549  course A 11.5 Nm  11:00
Karunda  0.693  course A 11.5 Nm  11:30
Dulcibella  0.746  course A 11.5 Nm  11:30
Skirmish  0.799  course A 11.5 Nm  12:00
Pagan  0.825  course A 11.5 Nm  12:00
Laurabada  0.841  course A 11.5 Nm  12:00
 Nudi Rudi  12:00
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