Deanbilla Bay Proposal 2016

Dear Sailing friends I write this to you as a concerned yachtsman / private citizen.
( to be clear this is not composed as a member of the committee of WMYC)

I do not believe it is in the best interests of local sailors for RQYS to manage Deanbilla Bay. My initial research follows  as does a responce from the RQYS Commodore.

At the end of the page is the text an email from RQYS 20th September 2016 indicating

that MSQ has indeed decided to allow no further moorings to be placed in Deanbilla Bay and our application for management of a section of those is now no longer valid. I have left the historical documentation of this issue on this page .

My notes of 10/4/2016 including documentation of RQYS proposal and RQYS Commodore's public comments

I was sent the link below which is to a public access Fairfax media site This page shows shows a map marked as not for public release.

The map shows that RQYS has proposed that it manage moorings for the whole Southern section of Deanbilla Bay.

Redland Local mayor Karen WIlliams’ website carries a 10 page glossy expose extolling the benefits to Stradbroke Island that will follow RQYS taking over management of a current mining shore lease and management of the anchorage.

I note that the RQYS facebook page  dated 4th April carries a note  from Commodore Ian Threlfall

I quote from Commodore Threlfall’s post:

“I can now report that these 10 environmentally friendly moorings are about to be installed. We will provide information shortly as to how our members can make use of these new moorings.

It is important to understand that this Deanbilla Bay mooring area was already gazetted and approved by MSQ and as it stands, over time would have been taken up by permanent moorings – similar to the One-Mile anchorage. RQYS has the view that the boating public and Stradbroke Island would be better served by a number of short term only moorings being made available within the Deanbilla Bay area. On that basis, RQYS has applied for management rights over a portion of the already approved mooring area, that would be made available to members and non-members on a short term basis. This application is still under consideration by the authorities.”

The “not for public release” map seems a little at odds with Commodore Threlfall’s facebook release.

The fairfax map seems more concerning than simply a spot for an innocent 10 moorings. It clearly implies the intiention of RQYS to manage the whole Southern anchorage.

While the facebook publication and the broacher both refer to only 10 moorings I dont feel that  RQYS ( or any single yacht club for that matter ) should have  management over the only safe anchorage ,in the prevailing South Easter, in that  region of the bay.

It is no longer possible to anchor in the one mile anchorage due to the carpet of moorings. It would be an absolute disaster for the boating fraternity of Moreton Bay should the same situation evolved at Deanbilla.

I am very keen that this information is widely disseminated amongst the boating fraternity and if people share my grave reservations that we each make those concerns known  to MSQ  the Moreton Bay marine park authority and local and state politicians.

I will  sort out a list  of who I will “bother” in the next day or two. 

Additional information from RQYS Commodore received by email published with his permission

I was forwarded a copy of your article concerning moorings at Deanbilla Bay.

If I may, I would like to try to correct a possible misunderstanding about the current government approvals over Deanbilla Bay.

If your aim is to protest the establishment by Government of a mooring zone in Deanbilla Bay, then that ‘horse bolted’ several years ago.

MSQ several years ago gazetted the complete area as a large “Small Craft Mooring’ Zone complete with approximately 66 mooring positions. A look at the current Navionics charts will show the individual mooring positions all marked and they are approved. Obviously these moorings have not all been taken up immediately, but there has been a number installed in the past year.

As it stands, it is inevitable that over time Deanbilla Bay will be filled with moorings just as One Mile has become. Just as Little Ship Club has a number of moorings within One Mile, and many other clubs have moorings in place for their members in other places, RQYS has applied for and been granted 10 moorings within this currently permitted zone for its members.

A second and FURTHER proposal from RQYS is one to attempt to prevent the mooring zone being taken up by permanent private moorings only. We have offered to manage an area of moorings on a short term basis for short term visitors, both members and non-members, so that the boating public may still visit Dunwich and use the bay. It is that proposal that is still under consideration by authorities and there are many similar examples in Queensland of such an arrangement.

RQYS does not wish to promulgate the expansion of moorings around the bay, although it is fair to say that many environmental pressures are pushing government in that direction. The question for boat clubs is how best to adapt to that pressure. At RQYS we are attempting to lead the way toward a more open model that ensures that where moorings are mandated, that short term use by all is still available – just as boat and yacht clubs have been the best vehicle to ensure affordable and accessible marinas for all.

Kind regards,

Ian Threlfall

Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron

578 Royal Esplanade
PO Box 5021 MANLY QLD 4179
RQ number 07 3396 8666

Text of my objection

Annastacia Palaszczuk          Premier,
Dr Steven Miles                       Environment, National Parks & Great Barrier Reef
Mark Bailey                              Main Roads, Road Safety and Ports

Honourable Members,

In respect of the recent publicity announced;
“RQYS Proposal to lease and obtain the management rights over 66 moorings in the Category 1 Buoy Mooring Area”
Deanbilla Bay, North Stradbroke Island

As a long-term Moreton Bay user, I strongly oppose to this on the grounds listed below:-

  1. Role of mooring permits; Mooring Buoy permits are only granted on the basis for private permanent use for people living in the nearby area. They are not rented out for profit or commercial gain or advantage.
  2. Equity of access; I fail to understand how the proposed moorings could be managed on a fair and equitable basis for Public and Members of RQYS use when the RQYS has a vested interest in the proposal
  3. Conflict of interest. RQYS has a vested interest is clearly evident in the broacher available from Mayor Karen Williams official website.
    1. RQYS have proposed the takeover of the Sibelco Ltd lease on Stradbroke Island to establish a sailing school.
    2. Sailing and regatta areas in the nearby Bay areas including an area in the vicinity of Horseshoe Bay, Peel Island. (see Mayor Karen Williams Web site)
    3. RQYS have recently announced they are currently deploying 10 moorings in Deanbilla Bay for “RQYS Members moorings” – This seems a total breach of advertised “Mooring Permits Policy”
  4. No Club or commercial organisation should have exclusive rights on a seabed – this is for all to enjoy.
  5. Process: All Mooring Permits, Management Rights, transfer or Takeover of Leases should be by a open public transparent tender process which has been set in stone for good Government in past and present not under the disguise of the transition from mining to tourism to create jobs and the economy for the island.
  6. Safety; In bad and good conditions this region of the Bay is used by numerous boats for safe anchorage.


Boats from the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Interstate and International use this pristine Bay – DO NOT DESTROY IT BY THE GRANTING OF THESE PROPOSALS.



21st April, 2016

Recent email from Ian Threlfall to RQYS members:

Dear Members,
In recent months I have kept you informed about our initiatives in Deanbilla Bay. I would like to give you an update on one of those projects.
As you would be aware, in response to the fact that MSQ had designated the major portion of Deanbilla Bay as a mooring area, we had formed the view that it was inevitable that the bay would fill with permanently moored vessels.  We therefore decided to make application to manage a section of that mooring area for the sole purpose of ensuring that short term moorings would always be available for all bay users. As I have previously stressed, it was our strong view that the bay should not be full of permanently moored vessels.
There has been significant discussion amongst the boating community about these various proposals. As part of those discussions, we had indicated to MSQ that if a major portion of the mooring zone was put on hold or removed in regard any further permanent moorings, we would be happy that our proposal to manage the moorings be put aside.
I can now report that MSQ has indeed decided to allow no further moorings to be placed in Deanbilla Bay and our application for management of a section of those is now no longer valid.
MSQ have confirmed that our existing 10 moorings at the south end of the bay will remain and will be available for our renewal into the future.
It is our view that this outcome is a good one for all boat owners in Moreton Bay.
Ian Threlfall












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