NRW 105th Anniversary Celebration RQYS Canipa 2014

NRW&Ss  celebrated its 105th Anniversary  with a “Classic Boat Gathering” held at   RQYS Canipa on 12th July 2014

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With over 90 registered vessels  and a huge crowd at RQYS Canipa the event could only be described as a magnificent success.

The Norman Wright story extends well beyond Moreton Bay as demonstrated by the fact that one of the major classic  yacht trophies presented annually in Victoria is the ship’s bell from a 1928 90ft NRW built motor Yacht the Stradbroke II.

The Classic Yacht Association Australia Victorian and Qld. branches were privileged to support the NRW classic yacht boat gathering.

The Stradbroke II Trophy (ships bell Stradbroke II built by Norman R Wright launched 1928)

Melbourne based, well known yachting family, the Abrahams donated the ship’s bell from the Stradbroke II to the CYAA (Vic). It is used as the perpetual trophy for the CYAA Cup Regatta  The motor yacht was built by Norman R Wright in the 1920s and as a 90ft luxury motor vessel was quite famous on the Eastern Seaboard. The yacht was owned by the Abrahams family in the 1930s.  CYAA has prepared a brief history of the vessel as a contribution to the 105th anniversary celebration of Norman R Wright and Sons Brisbane. (click on image  of trophy for full size  high resolution image)

The CYAA in celebration of NRW’s 105th anniversary has produced a booklet  (large file please be patient) about the Motor Yacht’s history and the contemporary use of its bell as a perpetual trophy.

Booklet displayed in flip book format here    The CYAA has prepared a publication about the history of the Stradbroke II and the trophy. This was distributed at the Canipa event in support of the anniversary celebrations.


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