MyState Australian Wooden Boat festival 2015

The MyState Australian Wooden Boat Festival (WBF) is held biennially and is known as the countries premier wooden boat event. The 2015 event lived up to expectation. There were a vast number of Queenslanders there enjoying the spectical as well as 12  Queensland wooden boats on display and additionally a local  builder, Amity boats, displayed their tradition gaffer in the trade section.

Below is a table of the Qld reps  with links to the brief outline of the vessels as advertised by the WBF

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The 2015 Queensland contingent
New Silver Gull Hans & Joanne Cool 1939 Queensland
Laurabada  Ivan & Anne Holm 1953 Queensland
Pagan Pater Kerr 1962 Queensland
Capella ll Byron Bennett 1967 Queensland
Salty Dog Doug Fielding 1971 Queensland
Riversong Greg Cavill 1981 Queensland
Classic Scott & Rosanne Garven 1986 Queensland
Jenny VII Ian Wright 1988 Queensland
Tidahapah Benn Hardie 1995 Queensland
Great Sandy Michael & Glen Gloster 1996 Queensland
Boxer Chris Tyquin 2002 Queensland
Baby Dolphin Geoff Tyler
Dulcibella (trade exhibit) Euan MacDonald 2015 Queensland


Your webmaster Greg sailed  with his uncle and Aunt on Sao  (1898) in the Parade of Sail



BOAT OWNER: Geoff & Kate Doolan
OVERVIEW: Length: 8.5m, Launched: 1898, Huon Pine Carvel Gaff Rigged Racing Yacht Designed and built by Ned Jack Resides in: Tasmania
HISTORY: Launched in October 1898 by Ned Jack as singlehanded knockabout. SAO is gaffed rigged with a topsail. A good example of a radical period yacht design. SAO was commissioned by TC Archer and was successful in Tamar regattas and later adventurously cruised the East Coast. In 1910 her first engine was installed with generator and was reputed to be the first with electric light. Initially featured a steel centreboard but later a keel was added. Over her long life SAO has had many periods of neglect followed by restorations. The yacht, having been designed for the quieter waters of the Tamar, was exposed over many years to the more robust conditions of the Derwent. Sadly the co-owner fell overboard and drowned on 28 November 1925 when a heavy squall descended on the unsuspecting fleet during a series of club races. The major refit occurred when Geoff and Kate Doolan purchased the SAO in 2012 and set to work on her. Significant alterations include the installation of bronze sheet winches, bow sprit and new sails including a top sail set with jackstaff. The yacht has competed over the last 2 seasons at Port Cygnet while the restoration has been in progress. She featured significantly in the “gaffers” parade of sail March 2014 among a fleet of 27 similarly rigged craft. Work currently being undertaken includes fitting out below and strengthening of the hull given that with bowsprit the boat has been subjected to sailing pressure not anticipated when she first sailed 116 years ago as a cat boat.

The 2015 Queensland contingent

BOAT NAME: New Silver Gull
BOAT OWNER: Hans & Joanne Cool
OVERVIEW: Length: 13.7m, (45′ 1″), Launched: 1939, Spruce & Spotted Gum Carvel Ketch Designed and built by Harry Newton-Scott Resides in: Queensland
HISTORY: New Silver Gull built on the cliffs surrounding Yowie Bay. Built using traditional boat building materials and hand tools in a boat shed that flooded every high tide! Sailed from Australia to USA via New Zealand, Tahiti, Panama and returned via Intercontinental Waterway and Fiji in 1954, returning 14 years later. Now fully restored in traditional style.


BOAT NAME: Laurabada
BOAT OWNER: Ivan & Anne Holm
OVERVIEW: Length: 14.9m, Launched: 1953, Qld Maple & Spotted Gum Carvel Ketch Designed and built by Ivan Holm Snr OAM Resides in: Queensland
HISTORY: One of Queensland’s oldest and most recognised names in yachting Laurabada was designed and built single handedly by Ivan Holm Snr OAM (1913-1997). She achieved a remarkable record of sailing 50 consecutive Brisbane to Gladstone yacht races between 1953-2002 skippered by Ivan Snr from 1953-1995 and her current owner from 1996 onwards. She was the first Queensland boat to complete a Sydney to Hobart race in 1954. Designed primarily as a comfortable cruising yacht. Having cruised the Australian east coast extensively and several south Pacific cruises it is estimated that she has logged over 200,000 miles in her travels. She remains in the Holm family and has recently been relaunched after a 2 1/2 year restoration by Peter Kerr and the boys at Deagon Slipways Brisbane. The trip to Tasmania for the Australian Wooden Boat Festival is a shake-down for a planned round the world cruise.


BOAT OWNER: Peter Kerr
OVERVIEW: Length: 11.3m, Launched: 1962, Hoop Pine Carvel Sloop Designed by Alan Payne and built by Clem Masters Resides in: Queensland
HISTORY: Pagan was built for Nick Lockyer to compete in the Brisbane to Gladstone race, in which she placed second in 1963, 1st in 1964 and 3rd in 1966. Was sold to Reginald Hare in 1967 and raced out of Royal Vic and won the Melbourne to Hobart in 1974 and second in 1973. Reg Hare cruised the boat extensively with several trips to Asia and around Australia. Sold for the second time in 1996 to Peter and Linda Kerr as a family cruiser/racer. Peter has completed 10 Brisbane to Gladstone races , placing 2nd overall twice and winning many other divisions. Peter and Linda purchased Deagon Slipways in 2001, the yard in which the boat was built. Bringing Pagan to the festival will unite her with her sister ship, Safari, and the one design Vanity, which was restored by Deagon Slipways. Another Deagon Slipway project, Laurabada, which is presently being restored, will also be at the festival. Taking Pagan to the festival will achieve a dream of having our own yacht there as well as the restorations completed to various yachts in our yard.


BOAT OWNER: Byron Bennett
OVERVIEW: Length: 12.6m, (41′ 3″), Launched: 1967, Mahogany Carvel Schooner Designed by John Alden and built by Smith & Taylor Resides in: Queensland
HISTORY: 1921 Malabar 1 design number 155, based on American fishing schooner of the same period. Only two of the type built. The design was redrawn in 1964 as 155-64 with altered interior layout, sail plan and an engine. This vessel launched 1967, sailed to Australia in 1986 by one of the six previous owners. Powered by a Perkins 3-152E.

BOAT NAME: Salty Dog
BOAT OWNER: Doug Fielding
OVERVIEW: Length: 6.1m, Launched: 1971, Maple Clinker Power Boat Designed and built by Herbie Jones Resides in: Queensland
HISTORY: Salty Dog was built as a tender for the Botany Bay Sailing Club. She has a Holden 202 engine with a top speed of 16kts.


BOAT NAME: Classic
BOAT OWNER: Scott & Rosanne Garven
LOCATION: AFLOAT, KF4-33/35 – 11
OVERVIEW: Length: 5.3m, (17′ 6″), Launched: 1986, Plywood Clinker Motor Launch Designed and built by Alan Graham Resides in: Queensland
HISTORY: Classic is a 1920s style clinker launch. Her keel and ribs are made of spotted gum. Traditional copper fastenings throughout. She has been displayed from Noosa QLD (won best putt-putt Nov 2013) to Canberra 2014. EXPO88 Brisbane and then invited to show in Brisbane Boat Show. Modern Boating magazine 1989 had an article on Classic, The Graham Clinker.

BOAT OWNER: Ian Wright
OVERVIEW: Length: 8.5m, Launched: 1988, Queensland Maple Cold Moulded Trailer Sailer Designed and built by Norman Wright Resides in: Queensland
HISTORY: The last boat built by Norman Wright Jnr for himself. She is set up as a fast cruising yacht.

BOAT NAME: Tidahapah
BOAT OWNER: Benn Hardie
OVERVIEW: Length: 14.8m, (48′ 6″), Launched: 1995, Spotted Gum Hard Chine Sharpie Designed by Fred Fleming and built by Bert Ellis Resides in: Queensland
HISTORY: One of the last timber planked traditional Qld motor cruisers built in Brisbane. Started mid 1993 and launched in 1995. Tidahapah has cruised extensively on the Qld Coast and Great Barrier Reef. This is her first trip south of the Qld boarder. Tidahapah had a major refit in 2013


BOAT NAME: Great Sandy
BOAT OWNER: Michael & Glen Gloster
OVERVIEW: Length: 12.9m, (42′ 2″), Launched: 1996, Celery Top Pine Cold Moulded Sloop Designed by Joe Adams and built by Malcom Oatews Resides in: Queensland
HISTORY: Launched 1996 as Sumusilk. Renamed Great Sandy in 2006 by the present Noosa-based owners who cruise her annually between Cape York and Tasmania.


BOAT OWNER: Chris Tyquin
OVERVIEW: Length: 7m, Launched: 2002, Red Cedar Strip Planked Converted Fishing Boat Designed by Norman R. Wright and built by Jones, McKinnon & Regan Resides in: Queensland
HISTORY: Built over an 8 year period of Red Cedar, Mahogany and Teak with Sitka spruce spars. Historically significant, Boxer is the only Moreton Bay Net Boat known to exist and one of the first designs (1905) of the famed Norman R Wright. True to the period Boxer can carry up to 6 sails at once ( totalling 1500 sq ft ) including gaff main, topsail, ring tail, water sail, balloon jib and topsail hoist spinnaker on a 23 foot spinnaker pole. As working boats, a crew of 3 netted the shallows of Moreton Bay. Often rowing (16 foot oars) when there was little or no wind. When racing 6 to 11 men were needed to man the sails and provide ballast. Today, Boxer races with a crew of 6 to 8. Boxer has several creature comforts discreetly incorporated into the interior including a drop leaf dining table, ice boxes, toilet, double sink, lighting, stereo and electronic navigation. She regularly sleeps a crew of 6.


BOAT NAME: Baby Dolphin
BOAT OWNER: Geoff Tyler
OVERVIEW: Length: 6.9m, (22′ 6″), Launched: 2013, Brazilian Mahogany Strip Planked Speed Boat Designed by John L. Hacker and built by Geoff Tyler Resides in: Queensland
HISTORY: A 1928 John L. Hacker replica powered by a 1974 500 cubic-inch Cadillac motor and 1:1 Velvet Drive gearbox. Back in 1928 John Ludwig Hacker designed a 28 foot runabout & named that range the “Dolphin.” He then designed this 22 footer & called them the “Baby Dolphin,” hence the name of this woody. John Hacker began building wooden boats back in 1908 in Detroit USA & to this day, the Hacker Boat Co. on Lake George upstate New York are the oldest builders of wooden motorboats.

RiverSong Alden Motor Sailer

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