Spring 2014 Survey

Introduction to survey.

TBQ is almost 12 months old. The first stated aim of TBQ is to facilitate on water participation of classic boats.

Over the year I have taken the opportunity to discuss this issue  with many sailors and club officials. At the risk of sounding overly harsh I think it is accurate to say the majority of classic yacht sailors are very parochial. They do not stray far from their club activities and for many they don’t often stray far from their mooring. What we do have in Moreton Bay is about a dozen yachts that are more “promiscuous” and  are seen at many of the events on offer. We also have the annual QCYC Vintage Yacht Regatta which attracts the support  of sailors from several clubs. Sadly it does seem to be slowly  shrinking as an event. We do have plenty of goodwill as well. Broadly sailors tell me they are interested in bigger fleets  for better racing and / or  they are interested in bigger fleets  for better social functions. Clubs tell me they want  to look after their members and may or may not actually want guests. They are more interested in guests that provide some financial value to the club.

The statistics about website traffic  for TBQ  are very encouraging. The site has a lot of traffic each time sailors get an email about events. Based on the statistics it is fair to say that the emails themselves are well utilised. The path of least effort for TBQ  is to continue to point the sailors at events  understanding I cant make them sail their boats.

More taxing options to grow our classic fleets may include

  • Focus energy into supporting the current marque event , QCYC  VR  to try and build that fleet.
  • Coordinate an annual race competition using existing races , possibly club and combined club events.
  • Expand the current “social” pursuit events, WMYC May classic  and the CYAA December Deanbilla pursuit.
  • Changing TBQ  from the current committee of one to a structure that can run its own events. (this means: aquatic permits, insurance, documentation ,etc) This could possibly include a formalised relationship with or as part of  Classic Yachts  Assoc. Australia. CYAA is very Melbourne centric  but is currently making an effort to be inclusive of other states.


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